We Support Our Missionaries

We are proud to support over twenty missionaries on their missions. Here's a list of them below!

Bonita Abrams – Cuba

Kim & Shari Babcock – Argentina

John & Bethany Baker – Curacao

Daniel & Khuyen Bryner – Cambodia

Paul & Crystal Burkhart – Alaska, Chi Alpha

Don & Jacquie Cartledge – Cuba

Flynn & Renee Clanton – Network211

Pierce & Meghan Davis – Thailand

Jared & Boggie Dietrich – Inner Mongolia

Jason & Serena Kohler – East Africa

Richard & Lori McLane – Poland

Randy & Mary Jane Merren – Refugees

Jay & Carey Rostorfer – Madagascar

Forrest & Erica Spears – N. Asia

Jim & Margaret Thacker – Madagascar

Scott & Ruth Thompson – Indonesia

Curt & Liz Wolfe – Egypt

Home Missions – Dearborn

Joseph & Pat Habibi – Muslim Outreach

Luke & Grace Halford – Springwells Church

Adam & Cindy Simnowitz

Nino & Tammy Guarisco – Chi Alpha UM

Steve Smith – Intercultural/Chinese

Jeff Bonzelaar – Life Challenge Detroit

Pastor Karen Butler –Wings of Deliverance

Faith Promise Pledge Met in 2023

We gave our congregation a goal to cover our monthly missions costs through our Faith Promise Pledges and Pastor Edward would take a pie to the face if it was met. The amount they donated was decided between them and God. They amazingly met and went above our goal. God is wonderful!